This page features the musicians and tracks each played on. Please follow on Spotify if you can. Thanks to all.

Dave Berry, Brandon Godman, Simon Chrisman, Kyle O’Brien, Max Schwartz, Leah Wollenberg, Henry Salvia, Starr Moss, Jesse Fichman, Andy Lentz, Christine Wilhoyte, Bill Foss, Leslie Chin, Mike Wilhoyte, Jeremy Darrow, Mike Gubman, Helen Lude, Lucy Smith, Jee-Hee Haar Farris, Josh Smith, Ted Silverman, Joe Osborn, Sean Silverman, Aaron Zorndorf, Jess Poteralski, Scot Brenton, Olivier Zyngier, Mike Thompson, Jeff Caton

Brandon Godman (Laurie Lewis), noted fiddler and principal of the  Fiddle Mercantile in San Francisco and the Violin Shop in Nashville, played fiddle on these 2 tracks and his early participation and positive response helped jump start the project.

With great luck and a bit of patience, we got the wonderful Simon Chrisman (BeeEaters, Jeremy Kittle) on hammered dulcimer for the title track. Coupled with Leslie Chin on whistles, and Jee-Hee Harris' fiddle, it has an other worldly Celtic sound.

Kyle O’Brien (Earl Brothers,Hen house Prowlers), Josh Smith, Olivier  Zyngier all played on one track, that being Pipehorn Backstep, a bouncy contra dance friendly number featuring Kyle's distinctive old-time fiddling, Josh's smooth melodic guitars and Olivier's solid upright bass guitar.

Max Schwartz (Laurie Lewis, John Reischman) played bass and advised on this waltz, Buster's Farewell featuring Brandon Godman on violin. Max, a multi-genre instrumentalist and composer who  has performed at the GRAMMY awards and toured and played with a long list of jazz, classical, and bluegrass ensembles couldn't have been more supportive of this project. Thank Max!

Leah Wollenberg (Laurie Lewis) & Jesse Fichman (AJ Lee) played fiddle and guitar respectively on Dutch Flatt, their only appearance on the album. Leah, known for her Irish fiddling, played wondrous triple fiddles. Jesse played a very pleasing guitar solo over the alternate chords provided by Brandon Godman. Don't miss this wonderful Side 2 track.

Henry Salvia (Flying Salvias, Jones Gang) is a celebrated Bay Area Americana keyboardist recomended by associate producer Ken Owens. Henry shared his keyboard magic with piano on Buster's Waltz and a lovely accordian solo on Western Crossing.

Starr Moss (Henhouse Prowlers, Briarpickers) was a bay area jam buddy  that I played with a lot on the local circuit in recent years. Starr, known primarily for his guitar work, put down some really nice banjo on these two tracks and put the backstep in Pipehown Backstep.

Andy Lentz (Devil Makes Three, Brother Comatose, Rita Hosking) added his spritely Irish fiddle to the tunes Abbey Creek and Western Crossing. Thanks for contributing Andy.

Christine Wilhoyte (North country Blue), Helen Lude, & Lucy Smith all played on but one tune but it is quite possibly my favorite and they all killed it. I was lucky and happy to have recorded them, albeit separately, on this multi-generational effort in my home studio (family room).

Neighbor and multi instrumentalist, Bill Foss (Knuckle Knockers, Earl Brothers, Crooked Jades) demonstrated his old-time and tenor banjo skills on Blackwater Flood, Western Crossing, and Dutch Flatt. Thanks Bill!

Mike Wilhoyte (Blue and Lonesome) and Joe Osborn both from Marin county, played guitar and fiddle respectively on this, their only track on the release. Joe, a senior division  California State fiddle champion, was a perfect matched on this minor key dark fiddle tune.

Nashville based Jeremy Darrow (Front Country) offered up his fine bass work on two tracks, the old-time fiddle tune Scotch Hops and the more Celtic flavored Dutch Flatt. Thanks Jeremy.

Oakland's Mike Gubman (Town Howlers, Old Belle) who played in my band, the Sedgwick Brothers, was all in on this project playing on  3 tracks,. Morning Walk, Mussel Rock, and Payne Gap.

My friends, the duo of Jee-Hee Haar & Jess Poteralski persevered with me on the title track Morning Walk. Jee-Hee's sweet fiddle was the perfect intro to the dulcimer and Jesse's rhythm set the table for the Irish melodies in this tune.

Pal and mega-jammer Ted Silverman put down the low end on two tracks, Pipehorn Backstep and Abbey Creek. Big thanks to Ted as he is the only person who played on both this album and my first effort At the Beach some 20+ years back.

Sean Silverman (Meredith Edgar, Paul Griffiths, Void Band) helped start this project by recording a live track early on with me in my garage. He ended  up on these 2 tracks, Western Crossing and Blackwater Flood where his distinct bass defines the breakdown section.

Friend Aaron Zorndorf brought his Pre-War guitar and excellent flatpicking skills to 2 tracks, the guitar mandolin duet Payne Gap and the mellow Western Crossing. Thanks much Aaron.

Neighbor Scot Brenton (Alabama Mike, Hound Kings, Bernal Hillbillies) did all of the final mixes and provided the perfect rhythm guitar on Western Crossing.

Accomplished mandolin player and Bay Area jam meister, Mike Thompson added his acoustic guitar rhythm groove to  the track Abbey Creek.

Jeff Caton put down a solid rhythm guitar on the old-time fiddle tune Scotch Hops. Thank Jeff.

Last but certainly not least, Associate Producer, poet, pal, and, noted Bay Area bluegrass drummer Ken Owen (Peter Rowan, Maurice Tani, Los Train Wreck) provided some much needed refinement and major rearranging of the 3 tunes, Morning Walk, Buster's Farewell, and Western Crossing. His responses to my frequent questions were not only tolerated but encouraged. Thanks man.