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Review of Morning Walk by Lee Zimmerman on Bluegrass Today 

What a treat to get the renowned Lee Zimmerman to do this sparkling review. Here some snippets and a link the full review. 

The sounds this San Francisco-based scribe makes with a group of friends and fellow travelers, as represented on his excellent new album, Morning Walk, reflects his reverence and respect for music that taps into tradition while also providing an exceptional outlet for his own creative desires...

Each of these offering evoke upbeat emotions, whether it’s the dainty designs found in the

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Interview in Hometown Newspaper Ironton Tribune 

Berry goes from natural grass to Bluegrass

Who says you can't go home again. After sending a link of my album to my pal Jim Walker, the sport editor of the Ironton Tribune, he called me up and put together this piece which became a two page spread in the Sunday paper. I like how he juxtaposed the sports aspect over the music story. Thanks much Jim!

Also, here is a link to a song i wrote called Men of Iron and Steel from my last album that he references in the article.


Release of Dave Berry’s Morning Walk Album and Video  

For Immediate release, June 3, 2022 

Dave Berry, mandolinist, composer, singer-songwriter, and Bluegrass Today author has released the album and video Morning Walk, featuring musicians from the California bluegrass community and beyond. These ten original instrumental tunes reflect his Bluegrass and Celtic heritage and passion for fiddle tunes acquired from his very first mandolin instruction book, 30 Fiddle Tunes For Mandolin by Butch Baldassari. He credits attending the Mandolin Symposium, plus other…

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Morning Walk CDs Available 

Hey All,

This is a quick note on happenings around the new album Morning Walk. Thanks to all who have purchased, downloaded, or streamed it! The release event was great fun with 20 or so friends and a bunch or great musicians. I got a package of 20 CDs the morning of the event just in time so that was nice. The rest of them came a day or so later so CDs are now available for purchase on the website or on Bandcamp. Streamers can still do their thing on Spotify but I did a little math and found that 500k…

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