Review of Morning Walk by Lee Zimmerman on Bluegrass Today

What a treat to get the renowned Lee Zimmerman to do this sparkling review. Here some snippets and a link the full review. 

The sounds this San Francisco-based scribe makes with a group of friends and fellow travelers, as represented on his excellent new album, Morning Walk, reflects his reverence and respect for music that taps into tradition while also providing an exceptional outlet for his own creative desires...

Each of these offering evoke upbeat emotions, whether it’s the dainty designs found in the whistled refrain of the title track, the sprightly sounds of Pipehorn Backstop and Payne Gap, the rousing revelry circulated through Blackwater Flood at Buffalo Creek, or the jaunty delivery and fiddle fitness of Dutch Flatt and Scotch Hops. By the same token, Berry and company know how to share some repose as well — the lilting Western Crossing and the delicate strains of Buster’s Farewell contribute to a mellower motif.

Read more at Bluegrass Today.

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